Squeegee Team Winter Fundraising

Squeegee Team Winter Fundraising

Susie Bishop
25th November 2022

The Squeegee Team are committed to supporting Action for Children in all they do, especially as the cold weather is now making homelessness and poverty all the more difficult to cope with for so many families and young people in the UK.

If you've been following us, you'll know that we've been partaking in various fundraising activities over the last year in support of Action for Children to raise awareness as well as much needed funds.

In the coming months, we have two main events, the first is being managed entirely by a nine year old wanting to do her bit ❤️

Loom band Bracelet and Keyring sales by Carla

Carla, aged nine, feels so passionate about the work that Action for Children do, that she decided to get to work to raise as much money as she could.

Loom band creation

She began by creating some loom band bracelets and sold a few to her classmates with all proceeds going to Action for Children via Squeegee's JustGiving page. A member of staff at her school suggested that she made a bulk load and had a table at the School Christmas Fayre for a wider audience. Carla literally JUMPED at the chance to do this and has since been working hard every day to create a minimum of 80 items to sell on 2nd December.

"I just wanted to help and thought this would be a great way to get involved with the fundraising that my mummy and daddy have been doing by giving up some of my spare time to make the bracelets and keyrings. I hope I sell out and get more orders from the fayre as it's good to think that you can make a difference to someone else's life."

Boycotting our beds in the cold of winter

Following Carla's efforts in December, some of the team have decided to brave the outdoors for a rather chilly challenge. We will be sleeping outdoors no matter what the weather one night in early 2023 and will hopefully manage to get this live streamed for anyone wishing to watch!

Sleeping in a tent in the cold months of winter

The current cost of living and energy crisis is forcing more families than ever to live in poverty and choose heating or eating this winter and is still forcing many out of their homes through no fault of their own.

According to the government's official figures, by the end of 2021, 227,000 households across Britain were experiencing the worst forms of homelessness. As well as this, the number of households with children who were either threatened with homelessness or already homeless had increased by almost a quarter (23.3%) on the previous year.

Then there are the families who are living dangerously close to homelessness affecting too many children. In 2020/21 1.4 million UK children didn't have the basics:

  • No cooked meals
  • No winter clothes
  • No warm home

But there's hope. You could be a vital lifeline for vulnerable children in the UK:

Your support could help stop children going hungry.You could help make sure children have the essentials. You could help keep children warm.

So please visit our JustGiving page to donate, however small, and share far and wide so we can try and provide a better winter for some of these families together.