How does Squeegee work for the Domestic Cleaning Industry?

How does Squeegee work for the Domestic Cleaning Industry?

Susie Bishop
1st November 2022

The DCBN (Domestic Cleaning Business Network) is the largest domestic trade association in the UK. It was set up to represent the domestic cleaning industry, raise the profile and industry standards and support those running businesses and working in domestic cleaning across the UK.

Members of the DCBN receive exclusive benefits from partnering companies as well as advice, support and a host of free resources. There is also a linked Facebook community to share best practises with or just chat to, as well as access to a library of cleaning business training that is all fully compliant with HSE regulations.

From meeting Lucy and Louise at the Cleaning Expo, it's clear that the DCBN are passionate about finding the best solutions for their members. We were delighted to be interviewed about how Squeegee works for cleaning businesses, especially those with multiple part time workers.

Cleaner using Squeegee App on a mobile device on site.

Squeegee's newest plan, 'Infinite' caters for larger businesses with fifteen or more full time equivalent employees, and as the name suggests, this allows an infinite number of unique worker logins included in the plan to help with the way that many larger businesses operate with multiple part time staff where maybe or 5 make up one full time equivalent. For smaller businesses who operate in the same way, Squeegee will soon be introducing part time worker options in order to help with subscription costs for businesses who operate in a similar way.

Why not find out more about the DCBN here and take a look at the interview that Louise held with Susie: