24-hour pool marathon

24-hour pool marathon

Susie Bishop
30th January 2022

The Squeegee Team have done something very special in aid of Action for Children - an amazing charity who's ambition is 'to ensure that every child and young person in the country has a safe and happy childhood and the foundations they need to thrive.'

They began playing pool at 10am on Friday 28th January 2022 for a full 24 hours which was all live streamed to YouTube, Twitch (where you can view the whole 24 hour recording at your leisure!) and Facebook.

Click here to watch the teaser video introducing the team - WARNING! this may cause you to laugh out loud, especially if you have met the team members in person!

Rich, Alex and Matt.jpg

There was a steady stream of watchers throughout keeping them going (even during the wee hours) with words of encouragement and requests in exchange for donations, such as playing games with the wrong hand, chalk face marks for every foul and hopping on one leg for the remainder of a game after a foul.

Susie (although an absolutely terrible pool player) joined in with a few games where she could, and we had two guest slots with Liz and Brett Apples who were absolute legends providing some motivation and giggles for the team. The Apples.png The legendary Apples :)

They got through the night with the help of pizza, coffee, isotonic non-alcoholic beers and the stream of messages from supporters who were just fantastic! 12 hours in.png Here's the team still going strong 12 hours in at 10pm The middle clock in the background is GMT - can you guess what the other two time zones are?

ed 11.30pm.jpg

"It was amazing seeing the total keep rising towards our goal, even during the small hours in the morning when we were flagging" Ed Bishop (the chalky sleep deprived dad)

Hooray, they did it! 24 hours.jpg

Thank you so much to all our incredible supporters

You can still donate on our JustGiving Page here to help us raise even more money for this incredible charity.

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