Squeegee Training now on UhUb

Squeegee Training now on UhUb

Susie Bishop
3rd November 2022

If you haven't heard of UhUb yet and you work within the cleaning industry then you should definitely take a look.

UhUb only take on companies that engage in full workforce training meaning that gone are the days that some managers get a day out on a training course to then disseminate the training to employees - which gets pushed back or squeezed into a short session without all employees being present and ticked off. With a login for all employees on their own devices, UhUb provides an easy to use platform for initial training and quick refreshers on any part of the workers tasks and business management.

With a modern look and take on training, incentivising and motivating staff, UhUb's platform provides recognition and rewards all staff on their training regardless of location, job title or pay grade.

Incentivize your staff with rewards for completion of certain courses on UhUb

UhUb's Content catalogue expands training beyond the safe use of cleaning equipment for companies, partnering with 3rd parties to share a full range of learning, now including using Squeegee at every level of user from worker to admins and account owners.

The Learning paths created for use on UhUb are for six different user types and account owners can choose which modules to switch on:

  • Squeegee for Workers;
  • Squeegee for Planners;
  • Squeegee for Canvassers;
  • Squeegee for Job Editors;
  • Squeegee for Creators;
  • Squeegee for Administrators and Owners

They take you through all the modules needed at each of these levels to be able to use Squeegee day-to-day. You can keep track of progress, complete end of learning path quizzes and once completed, you are issued with a UhUb certificate of completion.

Because the training is all online and on an app on your own device, it's easy to go through training at your own pace and revisit any completed modules to refresh at any time.

Each user has their own personalised progress report on UhUb on all courses on their account

An example of a progress report generated in UhUb

Want to find out more? Take a look at how UhUb could help with your company training here