Module 3.3.2 Re-planning and scheduling work from the multi-planner

By the end of this module you'll be able to replan and reschedule repeating jobs from the multi-planner using the actions or quick replan options, and know how the 'replan always updates schedule' setting on your account effects future appointments.


3.3.2 Replanning and Scheduling jobs from the multi-planner view

From the multi-planner view, the quick replan options use the default replan updates schedule setting.

  • Jobs that aren't done or skipped can be moved by dragging from the top bar.
  • Multiple jobs can be moved at the same time in the same way by pressing on the circular avatar in the top bar of the jobs, then either dragging to the selected date and position within that day, or using the replan dialog from the actions in the top right.