Module 19.2 Set up your Advanced Customer Portal

By the end of this module you'll be able to set up and publish your advanced customer portal


19.2: Set up Your Advanced Customer Portal Overview

Setting up your portal directory is simple. Follow the prompts and check how your directory page is looking at every stage.

Firstly in adding details to be published, you accept full responsibility for the data and contents such as images etc aren’t in breach of copyright etc.

You add your portal URL handle to complete your listing URL so it is added to the Squeegee portal domain ( - if your business name isn’t unique then our advice is to act quickly to get the best URL as much like social media pages, once they’re taken you have to come up with a work around name.

You can add or update your business logo (for my demo account I actually updated my logo on my demo account to make it stand out better on the listing) and you can add a banner image which will show at the top of your listing with your business name over the top left. The recommended size for this is 1246 x 168 pixels and it’s best to have a darker colour to the left so the white writing stands out.

Next choose your business display name, the owner display name, and add your contact details including social media links. We’d advise using the same email as you have in Squeegee as any contact from enquiries from the portal page will come through as an email to this address.

Next come the sections where you can describe your business for the listing and add the services that you offer.

The symbols at the top indicate when you have unsaved information, and at any point you can save and view.

All visitors to your portal page will see this view to begin with, displaying your logo, banner, business information, services and contact details with a place to sign in.

Once signed in, using their unique customer reference number and a password that they set, they’ll also be able to see:

Their financial history Any outstanding balances with a pay now button (if you have a linked stripe account) An option to save card details for automatic recurring payments from the payment form Their appointment history and statuses, and Any quotes on their account

At the top of the page just under the business information, there’s a sign out button and a contact form on the right.

Customer registration and signing in is easy.

Take your customer reference number (this is found on all of your invoices)

Enter this, then choose a memorable password, re-type this to store it securely and you’re in!

For business owners, you’ll get an alert in Squeegee every time a new customer registers with the portal and a push notification if you have these enabled.