Working out your Marketing Strategy

Working out your Marketing Strategy

Susie Bishop
11th October 2022

Do you offer add-on services as a part of your business, but you're not sure how and when to actively promote these to your client base? Look no further, Squeegee is here to help you organise your marketing schedule along-side 'Squeegee Send' for creation and sending to your audience!

The reports and insights on Squeegee can seem a little daunting when you first open the menu item as there's so many to look at, but don't fear, here's a couple of handy tips on getting the most from them in terms of when to target promotions for add-on services to boost income in those slower months.

Firstly, if you take a look at the financial insight view from the reporting item in the menu, you'll see this view:

Visual insights on Squeegee for quick analysis of projected revenue

The payments received against projected payments is a really good visual representation of projected income over the next few months meaning you can see if there are any dips in income on the horizon.

In this example, you can see that November 2022, February 2023 and April 2023 are great months to target some marketing to offer and promote additional services.

If you want to drill down into the data further, take a look at the report named 'Monthly Revenue Forecast by Round, Frequency and Service'

This report breaks down all jobs in a selected date range (which can be any length into the future) into the:

  • round they are grouped into;
  • the frequency;
  • the service(s) and
  • a total for each month.

Like all reports in Squeegee, this can be downloaded as a csv and opened in Google Sheets, Excel or similar to manipulate if you wish to, but ultimately the projected figures for each month are shown on the bottom row so you can quickly see those months where an extra push is needed to top-up the revenue.

See all the necessary future data in Squeegee to plan ahead when it comes to promotions

Once you have identified the months where you'd like to offer your client base more, it's time to decide** what** to offer and how to send this to your clients.

In the coming weeks, the first version of Squeegee SEND will be released to help you with just this. There will also be some easy to follow tutorials to get you started with creating and sending beautiful campaigns via email and SMS message which has a much larger open rate than emails.

We also have some handy tips on branding, your company's digital presence on social media and website coming up too which all go hand in hand with growing your client base and keeping them engaged so stay tuned!