Squeegee Training Academy

Learn how to use Squeegee at your own pace. With simple to follow videos, guiding you through each module with accompanying written steps.

Squeegee Training Academy Module overview - which modules should I take?
00 Overview - which modules should I take?

A quick look at the training overview to see which modules you need to take.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 1 Welcome & navigating the menu
01 Welcome and navigating the menu

Module one takes you on a brief tour through the items in the menu on the left showing you how to navigate around the app and how to contact the support team.

Squeegee Training Academy - Module 2 - Workers
02 Workers

Module two goes through the features that can be accessed by users limited to the worker role, and using the app to perform actions as a worker.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 3 - workers and planners
03 Workers and Planners

Module 3 goes through the additional features that can be accessed by workers who also have the planner role including re-planning work.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 4 Canvassers
04 Canvassers

Module 4 demonstrates what users with the canvasser role can see and do on their app and how to convert canvassed prospects as an admin.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 5 Job editors
05 Job Editors

Module 5 shows what users with the 'job editor' permission can see and do in addition to workers and planners.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 6 Creators
06 Creators

Module 6 shows the menu items that a creator sees and the additional features they can access on top of worker/planner, canvasser and job editor roles.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 7 Admins and Owners Global Settings
07 Admin and owner global settings

Module 7 shows business owners and admins the global settings they'll need to set up before starting to use Squeegee with customer and job data.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 8 Adding and editing customers
08 Adding and editing customers

Module 8 shows businesses how to add and edit customers individually and how to import customers to Squeegee in bulk.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 9 Adding and editing jobs
09 Adding and editing jobs

Module 9 shows businesses how to add jobs to customers and view them to make changes.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 10 Scheduling by rounds
10 Scheduling by rounds, planning and replanning

Module 10 shows businesses the benefits of scheduling by rounds and how to replan and reschedule rounds.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 11 Services and Attachments
11 Services and Attachments

Module 11 shows businesses how to add default prices to services and how and where attachments can be added.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 12 Users, teams and work assignment
12 Users, teams and work assignment

Module 12 shows businesses how to add new users and teams, and how to assign work to them.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 13 Quoting
13 Quoting

Module 13 shows businesses how to create and send quotes and set up the automation to enable the customer acceptance flow.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 14 Invoicing
14 Invoicing

Module 14 shows businesses how to create, send and view invoices to customers.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 15 Payments
15 Payments

Module 15 shows businesses how to record payments and charge customers using the auto-payment methods set up.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 16 Expenses
16 Expenses

Module 16 shows businesses how to enter expense categories and expenses selecting a tax rate

Squeegee Training Academy Module 17 Messaging
17 Messaging

Module 17 shows businesses the different message templates in the app and how to use the list of tokens to personalise messages to customers.

Squeegee Training Academy Module 18 Reporting
18 Reporting

Module 18 shows businesses where to find and download different types of reports in Squeegee

Squeegee Training Academy Module 19 Advanced Customer Portal
19 Advanced Customer Portal

Module 19 shows businesses an example of what an advanced customer portal could look like and how to get one set up.

Squeegee raining Academy Module 20 Ultimate Customer Portal
20 Ultimate Customer Portal

Module 20 shows businesses an example of an Ultimate Customer Portal and how the information gathered comes through into Squeegee

Squeegee SEND for all your marketing needs
21 Squeegee SEND

Module 21 shows an overview of how to use Squeegee SEND to create and send out a marketing campaign