Do you want to win more client quotes?

Do you want to win more client quotes?

Susie Bishop
27th November 2021

As a business owner, you are trying to grow your business and win more customers, right? Of course you are. But before you can win customers, you need to win client quotes. When clients receive multiple proposals for the same job, they naturally want to work with businesses they like and trust. That’s where an effective automated quoting system like Squeegee comes in. An automated quoting tool makes it easy to respond quickly giving you an edge over the competition.

Get a head start over your competition

With more than 70% of purchases made online, you need to make sure your business is visible on the internet. One of the fastest ways to do this is by including a winning quote page. Not only can an attractive and well-designed quote page help you win more client quotes, but it can also increase sales and convert more visitors into paying customers.

When you're just getting started with a new client, the quote request is one of the most important documents in your arsenal. It's their first impression of you, and it will only be as good as the information you include.

Fast communication

A great way to win more client quotes is to have a fast and efficient two-way communication by responding promptly and thoroughly to all inquiries. This is easy once your business has a good sized customer support team that is trained and ready to answer all relevant questions, but what about smaller businesses who don't have these resources? This is where an automated system steps in on your behalf.

Create a quoting flow

One of the most important time saving tips on quoting, is to already have the flow worked out with templates in place for each step. This means that you only have to tweak the details to suit the job and potential new client rather than creating everything from scratch each time.

Systems like Squeegee have this all worked out for you with an easy to fill out quote page that creates beautiful quotes every time and automated confirmation SMS or email communication to save you having to work 24-7 to get replies back to customers as soon as their messages come in.

Alerts showing in the app and via push notifications to indicate a quote has been accepted with an automated booking message to customers.

Automated Quoting and Booking system

In short, automated quoting and booking systems will help ensure that your business remains profitable by bringing in more clients than you can handle with just your own staff. Having an online presence that clients can easily access 24/7 is crucial for capturing the lion’s share of the market.