Sending Professional Quotes | Trad-Man Academy Tutorial

Sending Professional Quotes | Trad-Man Academy Tutorial

Susie Bishop
1st November 2022

Trad-Man takes us through how to create quotes from scratch, including setting up frequencies on a recurring schedule and goes through how to send these, how the customer can accept or decline and how to then view them in the app.

If you've been watching Trad-man's recent videos on using Squeegee, you'll be familiar with his customer, 'Mrs Smith'. In this video he shows you how to create a quote for that customer including options to send via different methods and where to locate it within the system.

Sending professional quotes can help you win more jobs as a business, it often represents the start of a new relationship with a customer providing them with part of their first impression of you. This is so important as it's likely that new customers will be getting around three quotes from different businesses to ensure they select the best one for the service they require.

In Squeegee, this is made simple as once you've added your business logo, business address and contact details in settings, all you have to do is enter the details for the job you're quoting for and the template is created for you.

Professional quotes received via email or sms via Squeegee

Squeegee automatically assigns a unique quote number to each quote so they are easily identified and you can add any notes on the quoted jobs at the bottom as well as payment terms etc.

Take a look at Trad-man's video to make quotes like a pro in moments!