Tackling homelessness

Boycotting our Beds

Susie Bishop
14th February 2023

Some of the Squeegee team (and young fundraiser Carla, aged 9) have decided to brave the outdoors for a rather chilly challenge. We will be sleeping outdoors no matter what the weather on Tuesday 21st February and will live stream the event for anyone wanting to say hi!

For the last 25 years, Action for Children has challenged people to give up their bed for a night, raising an incredible £13 million along the way. This simple act has had a huge impact on children, young people and their families across the UK.

The National event organised by Action for Children was back in October, but we decided as a team that we wanted to make the challenge even tougher by going for a more wintery date highlighting not only what it is like to face homelessness, but also poverty in today's cost of living crisis. This year more than ever, many families simply can't afford to put the heating on so their children don't have a warm bed to climb into at night time.

Right now, there are 3.9 million UK children in poverty. And with the cost of living crisis spiralling out of control, they're even more vulnerable. Home isn’t the loving place it’s supposed to be. Tonight, children all over the UK will go to sleep hungry. Some of these children don’t even have a warm bed to climb into.

Your support really can help:

£40 could pay for gas and electricity for a family for a week

£100 could provide a child with a bed

£1000 could fund the entire Parent Talk service for one day

So please visit our JustGiving page to donate, however small, and share far and wide so we can try and provide a better winter for some of these families together.