Squeegee's Newsletter March 2023

March 2023 Newsletter from Squeegee

Susie Bishop
14th March 2023

SEND, Balance, Visual Planner, The brand new Marketplace and Pricing updates for all Squeegee users

Send for Squeegee is almost ready and will be live within the next couple of weeks to beta testers. We will still be piling on the features as we go, but the first version will include bulk messaging with a huge number of filters and templates available. Since around the time of the first lockdown, the Squeegee support team have been helping users send out messages in bulk to their entire client list, or a subset of customers meeting certain criteria. This is now available for all users on the advanced and ultimate plans at no extra cost, with options to send to email, SMS or both initially and later down the line via physical post too.

SEND newsletter header.png

With this initial release it will be possible to create any number of different audiences and templates to advertise add-on services, request customer ratings or simply to inform clients of a change to their schedule when you've booked a holiday! The filters allow both 'and' and 'or' to be used as well as 'contains' and 'doesn't contain' meaning you can create extremely specific groups such as: all customers with a service containing 'exterior cleaning' who aren't signed up to GoCardless or Stripe.

Squeegee Balance, all your accounts in one place

Squeegee Balance for Accounts

No entrepreneur starts out by thinking about what their new company’s chart of accounts is going to look like when submitting their tax return after their first year of trading. They of course focus on much more exciting aspects of the business like innovation, collaboration and growth. It can however be the routine admin jobs that end up running the business rather than the drive and talents of the staff.

Version one of Squeegee's solution to handling company accounts from expenses, invoices and payments all the way to submission to HMRC 'Squeegee BALANCE' is on the cusp of release. Because of the very sensitive nature of the data involved in company accounts and submissions, Balance has been tested internally for a long period before being released to some beta testers this week. With the addition of Squeegee BALANCE, the dreaded end of year accounts will become a much more straight forward task negating the need for additional pieces of software to import information into, the duplication of work and most importantly to us here at Squeegee, saving TIME completing the cycle.

Visual Planner

Using round colours with the visual planner in Squeegee

The visual planner has been a beta feature for Ultimate users for a few months now and is an incredible tool for business organisation. This will go live to everyone on the ultimate plan very soon.

When all rounds have a unique colour assigned to them, the visual planner gives a visual representation of all jobs with location points matched. This makes it simple to spot where round boundaries are currently and where changes should be made to reorganise jobs into different rounds.

Highlighting groups of jobs can be done in seconds by drawing an area on the map which then pulls up a list of the customer names and addresses and round names of every selected job within the area. From here, all jobs can be reassigned and have the round updated in bulk making light work of reorganising according to location.

The NEW Squeegee Marketplace

The new Squeegee Marketplace for buying and selling work

We’re very excited to announce that the brand new Squeegee Marketplace is almost ready to go live too! This will allow users to advertise, buy and sell rounds or individual jobs within the app on all plans.

Perfect for buyers: Users will be able to view listings closest to your business first, or by postcode to see everything for sale in a particular area. Once purchased, the jobs are instantly transferred to your account, no wait, no hassle.

Perfect for sellers: Users will be able to create listings showing the location and value of jobs with competitive listing fees to all Squeegee users to view. Once the sale is confirmed with payment, data is transferred securely to the buyers account with no delay for a fuss free selling experience.

As well as user to user rounds for sale, there will also be rounds for sale from Squeegee and our partners. Watch this space!

Pricing changes to Squeegee Plans from 1st April and the Introduction of Pay As You Go users

Squeegee's pricing plan from 1st April 2023

As many of the businesses using Squeegee are raising their prices in-line with inflation and increased running costs, we need to make some changes to our plans. Much like other businesses, our running costs have increased beyond the level of inflation in terms of server hosting, address look-up fees and SMS costs so these will be reflected in the Core and Advanced plans, with a reduction to the Ultimate plan to make the high end features more accessible to all.

NEW FEATURE! With an upcoming release, we are also introducing a feature to Advanced and Ultimate plans to allow businesses to update job prices in bulk using advanced searches to find particular groups. A training video and accompanying notes will be published explaining how to use this feature ASAP.

The Core Plan will be increasing to £19 + vat per user per month or £190 + vat per user per year.

The Advanced Plan will be increasing to £25 + vat per user or £250 per user per year including 150 SMS credits per user per month

The Ultimate Plan will be reduced to £33 + vat per user per month or £330 per user per year including 150 credits per user per month (from feedback, businesses would prefer the reduction in price rather than the inclusive credits)

For The Infinite plan, for businesses with 10 or more users, please contact us for a quote.

Squeegee credits will be increasing to 3.6p + vat per credit

New PAYG users

Pay as you go users will be introduced alongside the updated pricing plans from 1st April allowing businesses to add additional part time workers with pricing based on days of use charged as Squeegee credits.

PAYG Core users will be charged at 40 credits per day

PAYG Advanced users will be charged at 50 credits per day

PAYG Ultimate users will be charged at 70 credits per day

Message from our CEO

Mark Slater, CEO and co-founder of Squeegee

Dear valued customers,

My name is Mark and I am one of the founders and CEO of Squeegee. I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you and provide an update on our progress.

Since we started building Squeegee back in 2016, we have been blown away by the support and loyalty of our customers. Thanks to your support, we have grown from a handful of users to serving thousands of businesses in over 30 countries.

Our goal at Squeegee has always been to provide the best possible experience for our users. We love to listen, innovate, and improve. Our ultimate goal is to build the ultimate tool that removes all the burdens of running a service business. As we enter a new phase of growth in 2023, I want to reassure you that has not changed. We have invested significantly over the last 12 months, growing the team, upgrading our architecture and improving the performance of our platform.

Over the next few months, you will see us focusing our efforts on getting new features out to you to make your life easier. We are constantly listening to your feedback and working to improve the Squeegee experience. There is nothing more satisfying for us than to see the hundreds of success stories of our customers, as they have used Squeegee to scale, or simplify the day to running of their businesses, please continue to share your feedback. As you can see from your newsletter, we have some exciting updates planned, and we can't wait to get them in your hands over the coming weeks.

Thank you again for your support and loyalty. We are really excited about what’s ahead and look forward to your receiving your valuable feedback.

Best Regards

Mark Slater - CEO & Co-founder, Squeegee*