Customer Story - Pet Waste Management Business

Customer Story - Pet Waste Management Business

Susie Bishop
29th April 2022

Richard Perrins runs two different businesses using Squeegee: a pet waste management business named Pooper Scoopers and Ki9ble Direct which delivers pet food to customers in and around the Inverness area under the umbrella company ‘Highland K9 Services Ltd’

Pooper Scoopers is based in Inverness and has been trading for 8 years. This is a pet waste removal business that offers pet waste solutions for domestic and commercial customers.

They are SEPA registered and fully insured offering a range of services from one off poo picking to a regular weekly or fortnightly garden service. They also offer commercial dog bin services for the likes of dog parks, caravan sites and private woodlands. Pet waste management technician hard at work

Another popular service is their domestic pet bin services which is where we supply a 23L bin for customers to fill, which they then visit regularly to empty, safely dispose of the waste and disinfect. Ki9ble Direct is a very popular dog food delivery business that Richard has operated in the Highlands and Moray since 2019. They have their own branded food with 11 foods in our range. From puppy food to working dog and 6 wheat/cereal/grain free food available for delivery directly to their customers’ doors.

Visit their website here

Richard says:

I’m so glad to have come across Squeegee by chance and then was also recommended by a friend who uses it for his window cleaning business. The nature of my business means I have multiple jobs per day and a wide range of services offered with a lot of customer details needing to be on hand

Before I had Squeegee keeping track of customers’ billing and job details, the admin side of my business was very stressful! Billing over 300 customers a month would take hours in the evenings. Checking who was owing was even harder as all my paper worksheets were a complete mess by the end of the month.

Now I have Squeegee I’ve never looked back, this app has saved so much time when billing a customer, booking in work takes 30 seconds, adding a new customers and service takes no time at all and it’s great when pinning the address on the map so I will never do the wrong garden again!!

Finance Tab on Squeegee helping businesses to keep track of customer invoices and payments

Being able to see each customers’ rolling bill is great and helpful for reminding customers to pay.

Invoicing customers is a few taps and it’s sent - so easy! Invoices look really professional and I love how you can add your own logo to it.

Example invoice for pet-waste management company using Squeegee

If there are any customer disputes about owing amounts, it’s very easy to show the customer their profile which always resolves their queries.

It’s a very easy app to use and very logical which for me is great as I’m dyslexic so find looking at spreadsheets (old worksheets) and reading things very difficult. No problem with Squeegee though as it’s very user friendly and the support team are always responsive and very knowledgeable and know the system inside out which is a great help.

Definitely value for money for the time it saves and has helped me grow my business and streamlined it making it much more efficient.

It’s definitely transferable to other industries like dog walkers, groomers, multi drop deliveries to use as well.”