Cross Browser Compatible

Cross Browser Compatible

Matt Bewley
5th November 2021

Importance of Cross Browser Compatibility. You may be thinking what on earth is cross browser compatibility…? If you are in the dark on the topic, don’t be worried, you can learn right here. Cross Browser Compatibility is the ability of a code/script/website/app to correctly work and support different browsers; without having to alter settings or change anything. Browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox are the best supported browsers for Squeegee® but it will also work on any other browser that supports HTML5 format.


Squeegee® working in different browsers means you can view the site and app in the same way across different devices and platforms (as shown above in Chrome, Firefox and Edge). This leads to efficient usage of your time and an easier experience from the app. If Squeegee® didn’t work on different browsers, you might not be able to see certain parts of the website or access sections that you would normally be able to access on your preferred browser. So, thanks to the dev team you wont encounter this problem with Squeegee® and will be able to use the app however you see fit, on whatever browser you please, easily and efficiently.

Squeegee® being built on these ideas; ease of use and efficiency makes Cross Browser Compatibility that much more important. To allow the app to be cross browser compatible, the Squeegee® dev team made sure that there would be no differences across browsers. Since its almost impossible that every user has the exact same preferred browser it was required by the team to adapt the code and design the website in a way that would be compatible across multiple browsers. This further increases the efficiency and usability of Squeegee® giving you as a user a better overall experience from Squeegee®.