Looking at forecasts and projected income for your business using Squeegee App

Forecasting income with Squeegee

Susie Bishop
10th February 2023

Make sure you know what's around the corner with accurate forecasting down to service, job group and frequency of recurring schedules of jobs all with one report in Squeegee.

You'd be surprised to know how many business owners don't actually have an accurate picture of their own income due to an endless list of factors: late payments, delayed work, holidays and illness affecting work as well as just not taking a look at what's coming up to start with! Starting with the data you have access to in Squeegee can really help so take a look at Trad-Man's tutorial on how to use this particular feature:

Looking ahead

Why look at projected income at all? If you work in an appointments based business then it's essential to know when you will be flat out busy as well as those quieter periods to effectively plan and deliver to your clients. Having reports that give information such as how different services are performing month on month as well as different groups of jobs in different areas can indicate where tweaks can be made to maximize profit.

Digging Deeper

Looking through reports can seem like a daunting amount of data, but specifics can enable planning for growth and expansion when drilling down to periods in the year where there's a dip in workload and revenue. Here, existing clients could be up-sold an additional service or there's the possibility of canvassing for new work in a new area.