Customer Service Portals and Their Value to Your Business

Customer Service Portals and Their Value to Your Business

Alie Slater
14th December 2021

What Are Customer Portals?

Customer service portals are a powerful way for you to offer your clients that increased quality of customer service and peace of mind. A self-service portal allows you to customize the experience your clients will have, as well as provide them with the ability to communicate with you, pay their invoices, and check their payment history. That is just to name a few things a portal can offer your customers.

Why Customer Portals Will Help Your Business?

A great customer experience will ensure business growth. According to a Statista poll, 88% of customers expect a business to have an online customer service portal. These self-service portals allow your customers to log in and help themselves to a variety of things, like managing their account or looking up FAQs you have provided. Customers can handle a variety of things at any time with the click of a button that they used to have to contact your business for. Your support personnel will be able to focus on more important or challenging requests, and you as a business will save time and money. A customer portal is a crucial step if you want to increase your business and develop long-lasting relationships with your clients.

What Do the “Best of the Best” Customer Portals Contain?


Your customers' private information being kept safe should be your number one priority. Make sure whatever platform you choose has encryption.

Live Chat Feature

A customer might need to contact your company, so provide an online chat tool so they can ask an important question or get help with their account.

Account Access

A big feature for customer portals is the client’s ability to have access to their accounts with your company. They can pay invoices, see all their payments, manage their payment methods, and see upcoming appointments.

Service Change Requests

Since it's the goal of the customer portal to make things easier for you and your clients, giving the client power to add or change services will add extra efficiency to your business.

Announcing Squeegee’s Customer Portal!

We are excited to announce that Squeegee customers can now request this amazing new feature. If you would like more information, please register your interest here!

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