Real time tracking & fleet management

The ‘birds-eye’ dashboard view using the latest geolocation technology allows you to see the physical locations of operatives and jobs as well as the progress through the day’s work in real time.


Be that one step ahead in your industry by never disappointing a client no matter what the circumstance. Use the data received on traffic and job status to make decisions about re-assigning work to other available operatives where necessary. 

When unavoidable obstacles get in between a worker and the scheduled jobs, use the dashboard to see which other operatives have capacity in their workload and are able to navigate to the job. Re-assign the work in one step informing everyone concerned without the need to pick up the phone.


  • Track the time that is taken on each task, service or job as a whole by using the individually customisable way the mobile app can be used by operatives.
  • Use Geofencing, RFID tags and stickers to automatically begin the tracking process on job completion.
  • Implement quality assurance and client satisfaction with job sign-offs, in-app photographs of completed work and
  • Track progress of operatives within larger establishments using indoor navigation through integration with one of our new partnerships.