Skipping, replanning and rescheduling

How to skip, re-plan or re-schedule jobs for your customers.

1. To skip or re-plan a job from the work planner on today’s jobs, simply swipe left

2. Then click on the skip icon to forget about this one occurrence whether it’s a one off job, or one within a schedule

3. The skipped job shows up as a yellow section of the bar on the work planner graph

4. To re-plan or reschedule a job, go through the same process as skipping, to re-plan this one occurrence, leave the circled box un-ticked, to update the whole schedule (so jobs moving forwards could be on a different day of the week for example) tick this before clicking on tomorrow, next week, or selecting a date

5. If you have chosen to update the schedule, you will come to this screen next, asking you whether you wish to discard or keep existing appointments

Remember if you keep them, they will exist as jobs that are not done in the work planner and in insights

6. To skip, re-plan or re-schedule multiple jobs, click the initials to the side of the jobs to select them, then hit either the yellow skip, or purple re-plan/re-schedule icon at the top