How to set up and use multi-user

Step-by-step guide to setting up and using the multi-user feature

1. On all connected premium accounts, go to settings > general and select 'Enable Assignment Feature'

2. Go to the main menu and select users

3. From the pink plus button, add a new user

4. Fill in the details of the additional user using their verified squeegee email address

5. Once saved, the connected account will now appear in the menu of the other connected users' accounts

6. From the work planner on the connected account, work can be assigned to the different users by using the multi-select feature and the assignment icon at the top

7. Select the user you wish to assign the jobs to

8. The jobs will then appear in the 'my work' section of that users account

If you need to move work around between users (the two highlighted ones are in the opposite areas to where the majority of jobs for that user are) then just select them and reassign!