How to send SMS messages using Textlocal

Send reminders, notifications and payment requests using your integrated Textlocal account

1. From within the work planner on today or any day in the future, you can send appointment reminders by hitting the pink plus button, then SMS reminders. This will tell you how many customers on that day have SMS as their default notification method. Click here to send a reminder to some or all of these customers.

2. The next screen shows the customers which will all be automatically selected, just click on any you do not wish to send the reminder to

3. You will then receive a message saying that the messages have been sent

4. The SMS details will now show how many have been sent

5. From the customer view in notifications, you can then see when the SMS reminder was sent. If there is a green tick, it has gone successfully, if you are waiting for a data connection it will show as pending

6. On hitting the pink plus button in the customer view, you can see there are two other options - to send a message, or request a payment

7. If you have more than one method of notification saved for the customer, on clicking ‘send a message’ you will be given a choice of email, phone number or alternative phone number. The default email message starts with an opener and sign off with your business name like this

However, you can customise your default messages from the notifications section to make them appear as you wish. 

8. The SMS message is left blank for you to type directly into, or again, you can use your own saved default from the settings menu

9. If you click on ‘request a payment’ this defaults to the outstanding balance on the customer account. Again, you can go into the message and edit from here or use your own saved default