How to invoice a customer

How to generate and send invoices

1. From within the customer details, if you have set up your customers to have automatic invoicing upon job completion, then you can go straight to being able to view the invoice by clicking here under the job details

1a. If your customer is set up to have manually generated invoices, from the work planner, swipe right once to mark a job as done, and again from the done list to generate the invoice and check the details before saving. The invoice will then appear in the customer details as shown in step one

2. Click view invoice

3. From the invoice view, you can either print preview (from which you can save to PDF for your own records, email to the customer, or cancel the invoice

4. On pressing email, the prompt will ask you to check the customer’s email address, click send when you’re happy

5. The customer receives the invoice like this, with a ‘make a payment’ button if you have set up automatic payments using stripe in the account settings

6. On clicking this link, they see details and can click to pay with card

7. The next screen they see invites them to enter their card details (which can be saved with Stripe using the remember me option) and once the payment is received, the amount owing is automatically updated in Squeegee with as payment recorded against the invoice

8. Your customers then receive an emailed receipt of their payment


9. Back to Squeegee, in the notifications section of the customer, you can see when they have clicked on the email.

10. In the finance section you can see the payment recorded against the invoice and the date paid

11. On clicking on the payment, you can see the details