How to import from Cleaner Planner manually

Manually export data from Cleaner Planner and import into Squeegee

1. Open up Cleaner Planner and go to settings (the spanner icon in the top right)

2. Select the Account tab

3. Select Download Account

4. In Squeegee, go to settings from the menu

5. Scroll down to the data section and select 'Import from Cleaner Planner'

6. If you wish to run your import manually, select 'No' on the prompt for the automatic import

7. From here, select the cloud icon to take you to browse files

8. Select the Cleaner Planner Zip file from your downloads and open

9. Select upload once you are back in Squeegee with the correct file attached

10. Choose whether to delete existing data or keep it when running the import

11. Once a successful import is complete, you will see this message