How to import data using a Squeegee CSV

Get all of your customer details into the app in one step

Click here to download a Squeegee CSV template with examples

Click here to download an example Squeegee CSV with column descriptions

1. After saving your data in a squeegee CSV file, go to settings within the app, scroll down to the section on data and click ‘Import a Squeegee CSV’

2. Click on 'Select a CSV export file'

3. Choose the saved file and click upload then choose to either keep or discard existing data within the app.

Why is this here? Lots of our customers have a play with the features using 'dummy data' before moving their real customer details across

4. Once you have received a message telling you the import was a success, you can now find the customers in the customer list, and on the work planner if you have imported job details