How to set up GoCardless

get started with collecting direct debit payments with GoCardless

1. Go to the settings screen and click on 'Payment Provider'

2. Click through the link to set up a GoCardless account for Direct Debits

3. Enter your details to create a new GoCardless account

4. Create your new account or sign in if you already have one to connect it to Squeegee

5. You will then receive a message telling you that your account has been successfully connected

6. Before you can use your connected account, it needs to be verified. You will receive an email to the address you signed up with including a link to click through to verify your account

7. Sign in to your newly set up account

8. Follow the prompts to go through the verification process - this only takes a few minutes

9. There are different packages to choose from depending on the size of your business - you can start with the Standard package which has no monthly fees and a flat rate on transactions.

When using with Squeegee, Standard users are charged an additional 1% (2% in total) on transactions. Premium and Enterprise users are charged an additional 0.5% 

10. Continue to fill in your details towards verification for your account

11. Continue to fill in your details towards verification for your account

12. Add your business name and logo as you wish them to appear

13. Once you are satisfied with your personal and business details, you will need to enter your bank account. 

14. You will then receive an email prompting you to verify your bank details by sending £0.01 to GoCardless

15. Click through back on GoCardless to verify your bank details

16. Confirm when you have sent the deposit

17. You should then receive another email confirming that your account is verified. 

18. In GoCardless, you will also receive a message stating that your account is being verified. 

Please note that whilst you can return to Squeegee and begin inviting customers, you shouldn't attempt to take payments until their accounts become active. 

19. To invite existing customers to set up with GoCardless, just go to the customer details, hit the pink plus button and click on 'Direct Debit'

20. You can then either choose to send the link via email, or copy the link to send via your preferred method. For the email, you can leave the default selected or edit this

21. The email invitation your customer will receive looks like this, they simply have to click through and enter their details to enable you to take payments using Direct Debit

22. Once they have successfully completed the process, they will receive a notification screen

23. They will receive an official email confirming the direct debit set up

24. Back in Squeegee, you will see that the customer is now set up. It takes a few days for their status to become active, at which point you can take payments

25. Once a customer's GoCardless account is made active, you can go to make a payment and set how you would like this to happen. To keep it as easy as possible, we'd recommend clicking 'debit on invoiced' and 'create invoice automatically' then once completing a job, it's one click away from taking a payment. 

26. On completing a job of a customer who is set up with GoCardless, just click on 'Direct Debit' on this screen that comes up, change the amount if you want it to be any different to the total owing, then press record. 

27. On the finance tab on the customer, you can then check to see the status of the payment. This can take up to three days, then your customer will receive a receipt for their payment. 

28. Your customer is kept informed of the charges via Direct Debit with an email a few moments after marking the job as complete and recording the direct debit payment in Squeegee