How to import from a GoCardless account

import existing customers from your GoCardless account and match with those in your Squeegee account

1. Go to the Payment Providers section once you have linked your GoCardless account (see 'How to set up your GoCardless Account' for the step-by-step guide) and click on 'import customers'

2. You will see the customer matching screen, just take a scroll through here and link up customers. Once you are happy, click on 'import' in the top right

3. You will then see the message confirming your GoCardless contacts have been imported at the bottom of the screen

4. To take a payment, go to the customer after a job has been completed and click on the direct debit button from the pink plus button

5. GoCardless takes a few days to set up new GoCardless customers. If their account hasn't been made active yet, you will receive this message saying their account is still pending. In this state, you can not take a payment - please check back in a few days to see the status change to active

6. Once a customer's GoCardless account is made active, you can go to make a payment and set how you would like this to happen. To keep it as easy as possible, we'd recommend clicking 'debit on invoiced' and 'create invoice automatically' then once completing a job, it's one click away from taking a payment. 

7. On completing a job of a customer who is set up with GoCardless, just click on 'Direct Debit' on this screen that comes up, change the amount if you want it to be any different to the total owing, then press record. 

8. On the finance tab on the customer, you can then check to see the status of the payment. This can take up to three days, then your customer will receive a receipt for their payment. 

9. Your customer is kept informed of the charges via Direct Debit with an email a few moments after marking the job as complete and recording the direct debit payment in Squeegee