How to add a customer

Add all the customer details

1. Click on the pink plus button on the customer screen

2. Click add a new customer

3. Add the name of the customer or the business name

4. Start typing the address. If you are on the standard plan, and you don't want to use the faster premium address lookup feature, select the 'save address and pin location' option to verify it, which is needed for navigation

5. Manually zoom in on the map and set the location of the address by dropping the pin

6. If you are a Premium user or have opted to try out the Premium address look-up, on starting to type the address in, this feature will give you options to choose from for the complete verified address

7. Once verified, it will now show a green ‘verified’ note next to the address on the details screen

8. Fill in the notification methods for the customer - these are important to keep in touch with reminders and invoices

9. On this final section, choose your customer's preferred notification method for appointment reminders, invoices etc, invite them to set up GoCardless for Direct Debit payments, set individual settings for generating and sending invoices if you wish to override your global settings (found in settings) and choose the customer status as active, inactive or prospect (inactive keeps them on file but stops recurring appointments from showing up int he work planner until they are made active again)