Squeegee release notes 2017

Squeegee Release Notes 2017

Susie Bishop
4th July 2023

Our previous release notes were taking up too much space in the app :) so we have moved them here. You'll still get the latest update in the app each time, with a link to the history here.

December 18th 2017 - Squeegee 0.9.10

0.9.10 New Features Added 🚀

  • Stripe integration added to collect payments from customers and include a payment link in their invoice

0.9.10 Bugs Smashed 💥

  • Email notifications expanded greatly to include statuses of delivered, opened and clicked
  • The paid date will now be shown against a job occurrence
  • Invoice summary will now be full screen
  • Payments auto allocated against invoices and removed when voided
  • Day Pilot informs you if any changes have been made since the route was optimised
  • To avoid duplicate jobs on a day, you can no longer replan a job to a day it already occurs
  • Rescheduling will now obey the next due date rather than the start date
  • Text local settings correctly ask for API key now rather than username/password
  • Day Pilot text no longer overlaps the actions
  • Overdue jobs, swipe no longer stops working after one use
  • Day Pilot zooms out to all jobs when deselecting a job
  • Send message screen height fixed when no notification method is available
  • Frequency picker now saves after prompt to update schedule

November 23rd 2017 - Squeegee 0.9.2-0.9.9

0.9.2 New Features Added 🚀

  • Sign in and sign up made more reliable and performant
  • Day pilot - Overhauled with UX and performance improvements
  • Insights - Full reports on your financial and work performance
  • Subscription Management - Upgrade to pro, enter payment info and cancel
  • Schedule items - Big ux improvements to clearly show status, customer balance and get to invoice / payment info
  • Notifications - Better handling of errors and improved UX so you can see real time progress
  • Emails - Appear to come from your email address rather than squeegee
  • SmartRound Import now available in settings

0.9.2 Bugs Smashed 💥

  • Day pilot - stop map from scrolling
  • Day pilot - issue fixed with map changes
  • Day pilot - scroll was incorrectly disabled
  • Fix layout issues on small screen
  • Notifications - lots of issues fixes with sending and tracking progress of sent notifications emails and SMS
  • Notifications - only sent when they are pending
  • General -Improvement in best host resolution
  • Work planner - schedule items now update correctly when status is changed
  • Backup management implemented as on demand service instead of auto backup
  • Session caching to take off unnecessary load
  • Feedback and rating request now on launch
  • App / server Version compatibility update. 0.9.2/0.9.2
  • Subscription - implemented subscribe to pro mechanisms, ability to add promo's and payment integrations,
  • Layout improved on iOS when keyboard is opened
  • Ability to update customer email address when invoicing if no email is present
  • Data syncing stability improvements
  • Schedule item changes colour to reflect status
  • Invoicing - payments now get allocated correctly
  • Schedule Item - now shows status clearly
  • Schedule Item - shows invoice and payment link to quickly open them from completed job
  • Address lookup - height wasn't correct on all devices
  • Schedule Item - now shows invoiced as orange to make it obvious needs payment
  • Sign up - Ability to resent verification email
  • Customers - Request payment email fixed
  • Customers - Title cases customer name even if it is entered all lower case
  • Customers - Fixes customer search filtering not working on Owing tab
  • Email notification - email formatting fixed
  • Implemented functionality ready for customer invoices
  • Customer financials user experience improved, icons and colours
  • Customer form notification / balance owing options fixed
  • Implement error management so we can help out before they get too frustrated!
  • Work planner - sorting now on rounds first etc
  • Cancelling transactions - ux improvements
  • Job schedule - default duration now set correctly
  • Day pilot - fixed layout and style issues
  • Add Customer - now a stepper ui to improve UX
  • Email notifications address will be business email address rather than squeegee!
  • Day pilot - now retains numbering of items as they are done to highlight days progress
  • Authentication - sign-up and login rewritten to be more secure and stable
  • SmartRound importer - import from SmartRound
  • Settings - Updated settings list styling
  • Settings - Updated manage account screen list styling
  • Financials insights - see current and future financial overview
  • Job insights - see how well you are on top of your work
  • Services - removed misleading revenue values
  • Sync - Cross synchronisations between devices now more performant
  • Financials - do a settling balance on customers that are in debit/credit and are deleted
  • Sync - triggered when app is resumed
  • Job Duration - better simpler ux

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