Perfect Squeegee Results Every Time | Trad-man Video

Perfect Squeegee Results Every Time | Trad-man Video

Susie Bishop
2nd December 2022

If you're a window cleaner, or clean windows as a part of your cleaning business, this video is not to be missed!

Trad-man is an expert in all things Squeegee - the tool, the skills and the app!

Setting up your channel correctly is going to make a huge difference to the results when out window cleaning, so take a look at the expert advice for perfect squeegeeing.

Trad-man also goes through how to view all messages on a customer in the messages tab.

Did you know?

On the Squeegee Advanced plan, you get 150 free SMS credits per user, per month, and on the Ultimate plan, this goes up to 500 free credits per user per month. You need Advanced or above to get two way messaging and benefit from being able to view all your replies to SMS messages in a centralised location showing on both the all messages menu item and on the customer messages tab.

As well as this, if you have enabled alerts, not only do these show on your alerts in the app, but you can have push notifications show on any connected device including your smart watch.

Push notifications from Squeegee for incoming customer SMS messages

and with SMS messages having a much greater open rate than email, it's the best choice for getting your messages in front of your customers every time.

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