Module 15.2 Automatic payments

By the end of this module, you'll be able to connect Stripe and / or GoCardless and know how to sync and link customers and payments.


15.2: Automatic Payments

For automatic payments, the business admin or owner needs to have set up either Stripe for card payments, GoCardless for direct debit mandates, or both.

To start, you either need to connect or set up the accounts - to do this go to: settings > invoices and payments and connected accounts. The setup is straightforward and by pressing on the connect option, you’ll be taken to the stripe or GoCardless sign up or sign in flow to get connected.

Once you have the accounts connected, there are a few settings to go through:

  • Stripe sync and link customers
  • Confirmed matches, and those that need matching up
  • Sync and link payments
  • And finally, if you’d like auto payment on the customer saving their card details.

Then there’s a very similar set of settings for GoCardless to get everything set up.

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