Module 7.09 Settings on work sign-off and time tracking

By the end of this module, you'll be know where to find the global settings for work-sign off and time-tracking on jobs and be able to set a list of predefined reasons for workers to choose from to pause the timer.


7.9: Settings on work sign off and time tracking

Work Sign off

For some businesses, there is a requirement for all or most jobs to have the work signed off before marking as complete.

This can be set globally for all jobs and undone for any that don't require it, or just set any specific jobs that need this function.

Track time on jobs

There is also a time tracking function which can be by default enabled for all jobs (the time won't be tracked unless the worker presses start when they begin the job and will turn off when the job is marked as complete) and there is a setting to require workers to give a reason for pausing the timer and a place to set a list of predefined reasons.

Timer pause reasons

To enable the timer pause reasons, press on this, then the predefined reasons options will open and you can then enter the reasons for workers to select from, one per line.

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