Module 7.04 Jobs and scheduling settings

By the end of this module, you'll be able to set the default job frequency for repeating jobs, the default job duration and default assignee as well as choosing how the charts appear on the my work and work planner views.


7.4: Jobs and scheduling

To start with, there are some settings that relate to the way the planners look:

Work planner bar sizes Work planner bar sizes can be set to the:

  • number of jobs or
  • value of jobs;

Per User Workload capacity It’s the same for the worker capacity that is shown on the user avatars on the planner and overview

My Work planner visibility Workers can have their planners restricted to just today's work on this next setting to simplify their app.

Pin Chart area in work planner and multi-planner You can choose whether to keep the chart pinned on the work planner and my work views and the workload area in the multi-planner view.

<u>Defaults on job scheduling</u> The following few items directly relate to scheduling jobs and making sure this is as quick a process as possible each time.

Job frequency The default job frequency will be how each repeating job loads on the schedule picker. So if you are a company that works mainly on a 4 week basis, you can set this to 4 weeks.

If you mainly work on a monthly basis, you can either set to

  • a date of each month,
  • or for businesses that have set working days, a better way to set this is to choose a week of the month on a working day such as:
  • every 1 month
  • on week 3
  • on a Tuesday for example.

This is just the default so all new repeating jobs will open with this on the frequency picker which can save lots of time when adding in new jobs and quotes.

Job duration The default job duration will help with your planning to know how long each job should take so you can calculate capacity.

Work assignment If there is a particular worker who should have all new jobs assigned to them, this can be set here.

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