Module 2.6 Using the search and filter options on 'My Work'

By the end of this module, you'll be able to return different sets of results on the my work section, and order the jobs in different ways by setting the parameters.

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MODULE 2 - Workers

2.6: Using the search and filter options on my work

The filter and sort options are found at the bottom of the chart above the jobs.

Here, you can choose whether to sort by planned order, due date, distance from me start time or price and whether the list is ascending or descending Generally, as a worker, you would tend to use the planned order (as this would be either the chosen order from your team admin or the optimised drive order) or by the start time order if you have specific times on appointments.

The filter options show:

  • the rounds,
  • services,
  • status,
  • assignees and
  • date range.

The search allows you to search using

  • any part of the address,
  • job details,
  • customer details etc to find a specific job or group of jobs

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