Module 2.4 My work list actions

By the end of this unit, you'll be able to mark jobs off as done or skipped, know how to open the job details and edit the editable fields as a worker and multi-select jobs for actioning in bulk.

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MODULE 2 - Workers

2.4: My Work List Actions

Using the My Work view, there are ‘quick actions’ for users with the ‘worker permissions’. These include:

  • Swipe right to mark jobs as done, doing so follows the default settings on the account or specific settings on that customer/job. E.g: generating an invoice, emailing or sending the invoice to the customer via SMS and processing any automatic payments set up using Stripe or GoCardless.
  • Swipe left to skip a job, administrators can add a list of predefined skip reasons from settings for them to select from, or they can add a reason of their own under ‘other’ . Business admins can have alerts set up for jobs that have been skipped and receive push notifications on chosen devices for this.

Pressing/clicking on the job from the list, opens the job details which shows:

  • the customer name and job address,
  • the customer contact details,
  • when the job is due and
  • if it has been replanned from an original date,
  • if there's a start time on the job,
  • estimated duration,
  • job services,
  • price (which can be hidden or shown to workers depending on settings)
  • any job notes,
  • appointment, or job attachments,
  • the round that the job is grouped in and
  • the job frequency.

When prices are hidden for a worker, the items that can be clicked on to change or add something are the customer contact details to ring or email from the account, the appointment notes, appointment attachments and job attachments.

A timer can be started on the job from the “press” menu, with predefined pause reasons that can be set in settings under ‘jobs and scheduling’ and once the job is marked as done, the timer ends recording the actual job time.

With prices not hidden, the worker can also add or change services and change the price for this appointment, but not the whole schedule as well as being able to view any amount owing.

The pink menu button in the bottom right corner allows you to mark the job as done or skipped like the quick swipe actions.

Multi-selecting options:

  • Pressing on the avatars to the left of each item allows multi-selecting.
  • Or, use the ‘select all’ button for all jobs in the group then bring up the actions menu.
  • Workers can then mark all jobs as done or mark all jobs as skipped from there.
  • If all jobs are marked as skipped and skip reasons are enabled then the same reason will be set for all of the selected skipped jobs.

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