Module 11.2 Viewing and adding attachments

By the end of this module, you'll know how to add an attachment to a customer, job, appointment, user and expense.


11.2: Attachments

Attachments can be really useful for:

  • workers identifying a new property,
  • quality assurance,
  • damage reports and
  • Documentation such as KPIs and
  • expenses

There is a main attachments section where you can see all attachments, then these can be applied to: users, customers, jobs, appointments and expenses in each of these sections.

If you go to a customer, you can see how to add an attachment there, which is the same process on appointments, jobs, users and expenses.

To add photo attachments, simply take the photograph on your device, then you can choose it when asked to select the image for the attachment, for documents, find the saved document on your device in the same way.

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