Module 14.1 Creating and sending invoices

By the end of this module, you'll be able to create and send invoices manually and know the situations where this is useful rather than the automated options.


14.1 Creating and sending invoices

Automatic invoice generation Most users have the default setting for invoices being generated automatically switched on so that when a job is marked as complete, the invoice is generated, which moves the customer into the owing list or charges the customer using the automatic payment method that they have enabled.

Viewing invoices You can view these invoices from the customer under the finance tab here, and see the status, as well as from the invoice list from the menu.

Manual invoices For some customers, you may want to have automatic invoice generation switched off, so that for example, multiple jobs can be added to one invoice, or on advanced, you can also create ad-hoc invoices without a job in the system.

To create the invoice manually:

  • go to the customer or press the pink menu button from the invoice menu item and choose a customer from there,
  • then either select the jobs you'd like to include (which can include future jobs) or
  • add an item that's not a current job by including any text or services.

From the invoice view, you can

  • view the invoice by pressing ‘print’ from the pink button menu, and
  • send via SMS or email which pulls through your invoice message template.

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