Squeegee - What's on the Horizon?

The development team here at Squeegee don't ever sit still. There are always new features and improvements in the pipeline.

Can't wait for the newest Squeegee features to hit the stores? Neither can we! There's always something new in the pipeline to add automation to admin tasks, simplify processes or track growth.

We have three big headline features to tell you about right now:

The Ultimate Customer Portal

Squeegee Send


Squeegee Balance

Read on to find out more about each!

Ultimate Customer Portal

Upgrade to Ultimate to enable all the elements of the full customer portal on your account.

The full customer portal includes:

  • Self-service quotes for new and existing customers
  • Hosting on your own website
  • Manage payment cards on file
  • View next appointment
  • Star rating for technician and appointments
  • Message hub to view all messages between your business and customer.

The full suite of portal features enables customers to get instant quotes and information on their account with you, without you having to search for the information and reply to their messages.

Scalable to any size business enabling growth and seamless customer interaction without having to have staff working 24-7

*Image taken from Mac-Cleaning Services Website

Squeegee Send

The complete Marketing and Advanced Comms module

Do you currently use mailchimp or similar to send out marketing emails and offers to your clients?

Did you know that email open rates come in at around 20% compared with a whopping 98% for SMS campaigns?

Time to look at Squeegee Send offering not only email marketing like you're used to, but also SMS and physical post (without post-office runs and stamps!!)

  • create unique audiences for different types of mail using intelligent searches
  • create new templates for different categories in minutes
  • use tokens to personalise messages
  • view instant insights on campaigns to see the delivery rate and percentages of click throughs

Squeegee Balance

Squeegee will be the only software with the capability to manage your finances, submit VAT returns directly to HMRC for UK based customers as well as also managing your scheduling, quotes, billing and customer payments.

Why have multiple pieces of software when one will do it all?

Squeegee Balance will be the accountancy all service based businesses need accompanying their business management software.

  • view chart of accounts
  • view your current balance sheet
  • prepare and send VAT returns for each period

on top of all the other accountancy features such as bank reconciliation and insights and reports (including specific Franchise reports if this is how you run your business) on Squeegee Advanced.

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