Squeegee FAQs


I have signed up, but haven’t received a verification email

Certain email providers seem to think verification emails are spam, whether they’re from us or anyone else, how rude! Please check your spam and junk folders if you can’t find it in your inbox. If there are any issues whatsoever with getting your account verified, just send us a quick message to support@squeeg.ee  from the same email address you signed up with and we’ll verify it for you manually. This can be a little slower than the automated email, but we guarantee to get it sorted for you ASAP.

Can I import my data from another system?

Yes! We have quick imports available for you to use within the app. Just export your data from your current system and check the currently supported list in the settings section of Squeegee. If you don’t find your current system in the list, just send us a quick message with your export to support@squeeg.ee  and we’ll get it in the system for you in no time!

Can I  import my data if I don’t use another system?

Yes! All you have to do is put your data in the squeegee format. A sample one can be found here: LINK simply replace the example data in the same format and import into the app from settings.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

We have a dedicated support team that can be contacted on support@squeeg.ee  at any time. They will get back to you with a response ASAP!

Can I export or backup my data?

Yes - to backup, go to settings and select ‘Backup Database and email’ you will receive an email with all your data in a json file. If you have custom export requirements, just get in touch and we’ll help.

How secure is Squeegee?

The Squeegee services are hosted in datacenters in some of the most respected datacenter facility providers in the world. Our hosting infrastructure provider leverages all of the capabilities available including physical security and environmental controls to secure our infrastructure from physical threat or impact. Each site is staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the year, with on-site physical security to protect against unauthorized entry.

Using Industry standard TLS encryption when data is transferred to and from the Squeegee servers. We support 256 bit, industry standard security.

Will I lose data if I change devices?

No! Your data is unique to your login details, not the device. Simply login to your new device using the same details, following any prompts if you are on the standard plan to replace the old device, and voila! You’re in!

Will the app work without a data connection?

Yes! Once you are logged into the app, data is stored locally on your device in offline mode, then synchronises as soon as there is a data connection. Bear in mind if you sign out of the app, you will need a data connection to sign back in.

What are the minimum requirements to run squeegee?

For the app to run on a device, iOs10 or later is required or android 5 or later. For use of the web app on a pc/mac this is supported on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge* Mac OSX and Linux.
*Offline mode not supported

What countries does squeegee work in?

Currently, Squeegee has full functionality in the UK and Ireland, US, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden.

How many devices and users can I have?

Standard is for a single user and is available on one device plus the web app.
Premium is for a single user with multiple devices and the use of the web app and additional features.
Enterprise is for multi-users on multi-devices, priced competitively for smaller companies with up to 5 employees and larger companies with over five and no limits on numbers.

I don’t want employees to see certain data

No problem! Enterprise allows permissions to be set for different levels of users. You choose what your supervisors, administrators and operatives have access to.

I have forgotten my password and can’t login

Click the ‘forgotten password’ link on the sign-in screen and follow the steps on your email.