Using a Squeegee with Squeegee

Using a Squeegee with Squeegee

Susie Bishop
6th September 2022

How can Squeegee help you to navigate between your jobs and optimise your journey?

Tradman has used Squeegee for a good few years now, not as long as he's been using 'A squeegee' through to do what he does best and is renowned for, traditional window cleaning.

One of the features he particularly likes is the Day Pilot which shows an overview of your jobs for the day on a map, where the order can be set manually or Squeegee will give an optimised route for you to take.

Tradman gives some solid advice in this video on adding appointment durations on repeat work so that Day Pilot can give an accurate estimation of the total time it will take you to get through your jobs for the day including travel time.

He shows how he goes from job to job using Squeegee in the car to navigate and see job details taking practically zero time out of the actual paid work for the day.

Now with one of Squeegee's latest new features, the Day Pilot owner view, this is even more powerful. This gives all users with the planner permission and up the option to view other users' and teams' Day Pilot views so they can keep one step ahead and use the tool to accurately predict and plan efficiently.

Day pilot owner view no text.png

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