Have you thought about your succession plan?

Have you thought about your succession plan?

Susie Bishop
1st December 2022

If you own your own business, it's pretty common for you to BE the business, meaning it's really difficult to ever slow down or eventually pass on your business

Whether you work alone or have employees, many small business owners can find that as well as providing the service to the client in normal work hours, they also:

  • Take all the calls from clients and potential clients;
  • Prepare and send out all the quotes to prospective clients;
  • Keep all customer and financial records;
  • Prepare and send out all invoices;
  • Reconcile all payments
  • Prepare and send out all client communication on schedules, billing, payments, promotions and updates.
  • Prepare reports for accountants for submission to HMRC

A lot of which ends up being done out of hours.

If this is the case, then you'll know what we mean by saying yo ARE the business. Without you completed all of these processes, the basic work could be done by employees, but all the admin would grind to a halt.

The problem with this? You feel like no one else can take up the reins, you don't give yourself any holiday time and you work around the clock.

So what's the answer?

Rather than handing over the parts of the job that no-one wants, why not invest in software that can automate this for you, then there's just the small aspect of training your future successor up on the system and the transfer is easy.

Squeegee can automate pretty much all of your admin, or leave certain processes manual if you prefer.

  • It can automate quotes, the generation of invoices and payments.

  • It can make messaging easy with simple to use templates and sending in bulk.

  • It can help with bank reconciliation to save hours of manually matching payments to invoices.

  • It can automatically generate reports ready for accounts submission.

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