Are Professional-Looking Job Quotes Important?

Are Professional-Looking Job Quotes Important?

Alie Slater
2nd December 2021

What kind of professional-looking job quotes do my customers want?

Customers in today’s world expect professional-looking quotes. Many times this quote is a customer’s first impression of a company. We can all agree that a verbal or hand-written quote will not come across as trustworthy and professional as one made with a digital tool. Using technology and current business trends will ensure your customers have a positive experience with your company.

How should my professional-looking job quotes be organized and what should they look like?

Quotes should be easy to understand with defined areas. If possible, there should be a company logo and contact details so your customers can reach you again. A field should be provided for the date on which the quote was created, and the expiration date. Your customers want to understand what they get for their money, so use bullet points or a numerical list of the service/services offered, as well as the costs of that service. Lastly, give the customer a total for all charges plus any taxes if applicable. Remember that grammar is important in any communication with your customers, so make sure your quote does not contain misspellings or grammar errors.

Where Should I Begin If I Want to Create Professional-Looking Job Quotes?

A quick search by Google will bring up thousands of templates online that will boost your quotes. These take time to create and send to each customer. Don’t have lots of extra time? Don’t worry! Squeegee® has you covered. With little effort, you can create clean and professional-looking job quotes in the Squeegee app.

Quote view as received by a customer with terms and conditions attached

Example of a quote received by a customer with terms and conditions as an attachment.

Why should I Use Squeegee to Create Professional-Looking Job Quotes?

Time is money, so use your valuable time to find new customers and offer your current customers brilliant service. The Squeegee App will make creating and sending professional quotes to your clients extremely easy. Your customers can also accept the quote from the email sent to them from your app. Squeegee can do so much to help your business grow and save you time and money.

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