Offer Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services to Your Customers

Offer Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services to Your Customers

Alie Slater
25th April 2022

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Why Has Eco-Friendly Cleaning Become So Popular?

With the ability to share information online, a wave of knowledge has come about the products we use on ourselves and in our homes. The chemicals in common household cleaners have been linked to some issues and thus many have chosen this new way of cleaning. We also understand the impact our choices have on our environment much more than we used to. “Green cleaning” or eco-friendly cleaning, has become popular not only with those who clean their own homes but also with those who run their own cleaning companies for these reasons as well.

What Are Eco-Friendly Products and Where Can I Find Them?

Eco-friendly products are generally expected to not contain things like preservatives, dyes, artificial fragrances, phosphates, chlorine, or ammonia. There are lots of products we already keep in our homes for baking and cooking that can be used to clean like white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and essential oils. What if you don't want to mix up your own products, or you need something to tackle some extreme germs? Green cleaning products have recently become available in the cleaning aisles at most grocery stores that might do the trick. Some popular brands include 9 Elements, Mrs. Meyers, Method, and Seventh Generation. So, regardless of whether you own a small cleaning business or operate on a large scale, green clean options are available. Companies like All-Green Janitorial Products offer janitorial green cleaning supplies for large-scale needs or you can head down to your local supermarket and fill your cart up with all the products you require.

Do Eco-Friendly Products Work for Sanitizing and Disinfecting?

While the household ingredients mentioned earlier can be used to clean for very little cost, they don't work for cleaning needs like sanitizing and disinfecting. There can also be some confusion as to what the difference is between sanitizing and disinfecting. This website from the National Institute of Health explains clearly what the difference is. Depending on the surface, some places need to be sanitized and some need to be disinfected. Think about where the most germs would be. Kitchen countertops, toilets, and sinks usually have a lot of bacteria on them. These areas would need to be disinfected. Other areas around the home with less risk of bacteria and viruses can be sanitized. Thankfully, all of the hard work of understanding what products can do sanitizing and disinfecting has been done by governmental entities like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. To find out which eco-friendly products on the market are proven to kill things like E-coli, Norovirus, Covid-19, etc you can search here. Or, take a look at the back of the bottles of natural cleaners. They will tell you how to use their product including the time the solution needs to be left on the surface and whether it's proven to kill viruses and bacteria.

Can I Use Eco-Friendly Products for Any Cleaning Business?

Whether you own a carpet cleaning company, a residential cleaning company, a commercial cleaning company, or a window cleaning business, you can provide green cleaning for your customers. While many window cleaners and residential cleaning companies can easily find eco-friendly products, more complex cleaning solutions like those used by carpet cleaners, might be a bit harder to find. Thankfully there are options. All-Green Janitorial Products has a variety of carpet cleaning solutions that are certified Green Seal.

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Some of my personal favorite eco-friendly cleaning products, which I’ve used while cleaning homes for customers, are made by Seventh Generation. Their disinfecting line will kill up to 99.9% of germs.

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Squeegee is Eco-Friendly Too!

You may not think of software as being good for the environment, but it is! Squeegee’s sole purpose was to save time and money for those in the service industry. Along with those benefits come much less need for the use of paper. There’s no more need to hand out written quotes, invoices, or job completion notices. You can do all of that in the Squeegee app. Send your customers a job completion notice from the app to let them know you’ve finished their cleaning. Automatically generate an invoice to your customer’s email address after their service. Provide professional-looking quotes that customers can accept virtually. Lastly, think of the gas you will save driving around searching for your customer's homes, by using the Day Pilot. There are so many more ways you will find that Squeegee is a benefit.

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