New Features for Franchises

New Features for Franchises

Susie Bishop
9th December 2022

Are you a franchise owner? Or have you been considering franchising your business? Your management tools need to work on the go - like you, providing everything you need for you and your teams in the field. This is where Squeegee comes in to help.

Cross-Franchise Searching

One of the key aspects to being able to run multiple franchises is being able to access any customer and job details from any of the franchise businesses. Whilst this is obviously something owners can have access to, it can historically be an arduous task and require logging out of one account and into another as well as knowing which account the customer is indeed connected to in the first place.

Squeegee now allows cross-franchise customer searching straight from the launcher so whichever account owners and whole franchise admins are logged into, they can press on the rocket launcher button and search using name, address or post code to pull up all the customer details including their job and financial history.

This is particularly useful when clients call up to query something on their account or make a payment over the phone. Even on our largest franchisee accounts, the cross franchise customer search returns the results within just a second or two.

Cross-franchise customer search on Squeegee app

Unique Cross-Franchise Reports

Squeegee also offers both standard reports for Franchise businesses, as well as unique cross-franchise reports to analyse any part of the data held in Squeegee. The development team at Squeegee can create reports including any data in Squeegee that you need and present these as basic reports as well as visual insights if needed.

Timely data analysis can mean the difference between franchises just running and running successfully where growth is a key element. At a glance, you should be able to see which franchises are performing best, which have the fastest growth, which have the most customer cancellations, which have the most outstanding payments etc.

Some examples are:

  • A general franchise health report across all franchises;
  • Cross-franchise owing customers report;
  • Cross-franchise cancelled customers vs new customers report;
  • Monthly target reporting
Any report data in Squeegee can be added as custom reports and insights

These custom reports for general oversight of the business as well as in depth analysis are in addition to the reports for accounting purposes for each franchise. Fees for different types of transaction can be added as defaults as well as franchise fees as percentages or flat rates for calculating income and deductions for each period.


One of the biggest drains on any service business is how much time it takes to communicate with customers directly. Answering calls, emails, text messages and social media messages takes up a huge percentage of time in any business, but it particularly takes it's toll on small growing businesses where it's usually just one or two members of staff trying to work around the clock to ensure their response times are down and customers are happy with the end result when they get in touch. Add into this the added cost of physically going out to a property to provide free quotes and we are talking at least a few hours a day usually totaling more than a complete work day for one member of staff each week.

Having a customer portal where existing clients can log in and find out answers to the usual questions such as 'when is my next appointment' 'how much do I owe?' 'can I book an additional service?' means that they can be more self-sufficient and reduce the need to get in contact with you directly.

The advanced customer portal takes just moments to set up and is for any size of business, not just franchises, allowing customers to access their information whenever they need to just requiring their customer reference number which is on every invoice sent from Squeegee.

For businesses using the Ultimate package (which don't forget comes with 500 free SMS credits per user, every month) there is also the option for new customers, to request a quote either by all the information being gathered and sent in a quote request to the business to manually quote, or for instant quoting for businesses with a fixed pricing structure.

This once again saves hours of admin time with messages going backwards and forwards between client and business before any work is booked in. Every stage is fully customisable for each business to include the questions and steps you need such as adding sign up to automatic payments before booking, agreeing to terms and conditions etc.

Customer viewing a Squeegee business customer portal

Easy for you, easy for your customers and potential new customers, the customer portal is a game changer for growing businesses.

"We have been using the squeegee quoting system for a couple of months now and its transformed how we create, track and then convert quotes. Having a list of all quotes and their status from sent, pending, accepted, declined and then converted is fantastic. We can track our conversion rate and also pick up if customers have not opened their quote email."

Emma Canning, Owner of Cannins Exterior Cleaning

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