Trad-Man demonstrates an easy way to set up a camera for a gutter inspection using a Go Pro

Getting your gutter inspection camera set-up with Trad-Man

Susie Bishop
13th January 2023

Get great before and after footage of your gutter clearing jobs.

This time of year, more and more window cleaning companies offer one off or annual gutter clearance services to their customers and while the traditional method of climbing a ladder with a bucket and a trowel is effective, it's both time saving and less back breaking to move to a more modern method using a gutter vacuum on a high reach pole to get the job done.

In today's market, it's good to have some quality assurance when completing a job where the results aren't immediately and obviously visible so you can provide evidence to your customer and record some before and after footage to use on your website or social media pages.

An Instagram post showing before and after shots of a gutter clean

Getting prepped for gutter clearing jobs without spending a fortune on equipment!

In this video, Trad-Man shows us how he has set up an old Go-Pro camera to do the job of preparing for a gutter clearing job without the need to get up on ladders to take a look first hand as well as providing those images for your before shots to customers and for social media posts or posts on your website. He goes into both why he is using this more affordable option where second hand Go-Pro camera's can be picked up for as little as £50-£60 and how to get the angles correct for the best footage.

Using Squeegee's multi-planner to quickly rearrange work

If there was ever a week where re-arranging work due to the weather was needed, it was this last one here, with flash flooding causing road closures and cutting off entire areas flexibility is key! Trad-man gives a very quick tour of the multi-planner in the second half of this video showing how easy it is to view weeks of work at a time and quickly rearrange whole days. It's also possible to move the order of work around by dragging and dropping in both this view, the rounds view and work planner views but the added bonus of doing this on the multi-planner is the ability to select multiple jobs from different days and slot them between existing appointments on another day in one action. To see more about the multi-planner, take a look at our training module focussing on replanning using this view here:

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