Customer Story - Plumbing Business

Customer Story - Plumbing Business

Susie Bishop
21st October 2022

We spoke to Stefan, owner of Conrec Property Services who uses Squeegee to manage his plumbing business and have some amazing tips for other similar businesses.

It's clear from speaking to Stefan, that he is a proud ambassador for integrating the latest technology into his business practices in order to streamline processes and ensure he is running his business as efficiently as possible. When asked how he came across Squeegee, he simply said he's always searching for innovate solutions and Squeegee became the next logical step when he began searching for software that incorporated route optimisation alongside scheduling and billing software with the ability to view jobs on maps and set a start and end destination on each day.

Moving everything to one app

As a previous user of software like Trello and Asana, Stefan was used to being able to set the status of jobs, for example those in a pending state due to awaiting materials, and even though this isn't currently a feature of Squeegee, he found a way of making it work for him using the rounds function. Rather than use the rounds function to group jobs by location like many of our users, Conrec Property Services moves jobs to different 'rounds' as a flow through the process from statues like 'needs booking' or 'awaiting materials' to 'rebook' etc. This can also be achieved in Squeegee by using the Teams function as job stages instead or who is to be completing the work.

Using the rounds function to set statuses on jobs in Squeegee

Moving to Squeegee, Stefan wanted to stop having to use a combination of different pieces of software, and instead be able to have just one to manage everything. Squeegee isn't quite there for him in all aspects yet but he said he loves the fact that he can pick up the phone and talk to us about different features that could be added to the app as he can see ongoing development is a high priority for us here at Squeegee.

So how could Squeegee be improved further for businesses like Stefan's?

You might thinks it's strange us talking publicly about the features that Squeegee doesn't have and aren't in the immediate development plans, but we pride ourselves in the way we have worked with customers from the very beginning to include the best set of features:

Conrec Property Services would massively benefit from just a few new features such as:

  • More of a CRM style status or tags on jobs to move hem through the flow;
  • notes, activities and attachments on jobs that can be sent to customers;
  • calling function with recordings to go in the customer contact history;
  • expenses attached to jobs to show take home for each job/day rather than just invoiced totals

Having chatted these few things through with the team, the items on the list that weren't already on the backlog have now been added for future development in addition to something that Stefan didn't mention which is the ability to schedule multi-day jobs as this means much less admin for those larger projects.

Is Conrec Property Services like Your Business?

With the motto 'Turning Houses into Homes' Conrec aims to provide same day fixes for plumbing emergencies as well as building long term relationships with customers so they always know who to contact with their plumbing needs. Their services range from leaks and unblocking to full bathroom designs and renovations so if your business is like Conrec Property Services then get in touch to see how Squeegee could help your business.

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