Customer Interview - Wheelie Bin Cleaning Company

Customer Interview - Wheelie Bin Cleaning Company

Susie Bishop
29th April 2022

Green Cleen North London is a family-run business providing fully licensed and insured wheelie bin and commercial waste container cleaning. They offer low-cost solutions to the problem of dirty, unhygienic wheelie bins, by washing and deodorising them regularly using specialist bin cleaning equipment ensuring the highest cleaning standards. Recycling all water used in the bin cleaning process complies with all Environment Agency and Thames Water legislation using approved eco-friendly chemicals which kill 99.9% of all known germs.

Visit the Green Cleen North London site here:

Tanya, the owner of the North London Franchise moved over to Squeegee in 2020 and was happy to answer a few short questions about her experience of using the system so far:

What's your favourite feature of Squeegee?

For me the best feature about using Squeegee is about being able to speak to a group of enthusiastic, helpful real people to guide me through at the end of a phone when ever there is a problem.

Obviously first and foremost it is an app to assist in our day to day running of our small busy team. I like the fact it's an intelligent, practical system enabling me to be reactive to the many issues that occur during the daily routes. Re-planning toggle has been invaluable to quickly be responsive during the day as the target is forever moving.

Squeegee's quick and easy to use replan dialog

Another simple thing I have found invaluable is searching information on inactive or old accounts as my previous system you would need to know the whole CUSID ref number where as Squeegee will let you search on any relevant information in case someone wants to start using service again so I really find the helpful.

The intelligent search feature of Squeegee allows you to search any list with any text or numbers to quickly refine your customer or job list.

How has Squeegee helped you grow your business?

Its been invaluable to help me grown my business to build a strong database of information for my customers so we can perform the job.

How do you know your workers are doing a good job through Squeegee?

I can see exactly what my workers are doing throughout the day and if they have any issues they can skip the job and write a comment so I can see what needs updating.

How much time a day/week would you say Squeegee has saved you?

It's saved me time at the end of the day as before we would have to updated the total round manually at end of the route , however this updates and informs our customers as soon as the job is done. I still spend a lot or most of my day using the system as there is always so much historic information it can pull on reports.

When did you start using Squeegee?

I moved over to Squeegee after having training on it after the first lockdown so I have been using it fully moving from a very antiquated program about two years ago.

What changes have you made in your business since starting using Squeegee?

We have gone completely paperless as team.

Squeegee Status