The benefits of route optimisation for your mobile service business

The benefits of route optimisation for your mobile service business

Susie Bishop
30th November 2021

There was a time when processes for all field service companies were all manual. In the past few years, we've seen a shift towards much more automation, dropping lots of the paper-records and digitising businesses. Let's take a look at the benefits of route optimisation has over manual planning.

Improved Scheduling

Route optimisation literally creates more time in each day to optimise the time your operatives are on the road, meaning that you can add more customers while not cutting any corners on the services you're providing for existing clients. With refined scheduling, you can shift around repeat jobs in similar locations to be grouped to ensure even less time is spent travelling between appointments.

Less Mileage and Maintenance on Vehicles

Even though your operatives will be going out to perform more jobs with route optimisation, driving times will be reduced with intelligent planning. This results in fewer miles on your vehicles, lower fuel costs, and lower maintenance bills to pay. Lower operational costs equals increased profits for your business - so why wait?

More Satisfied Customers

Route optimisation means that your operatives and customers can both rely on a flexible schedule that works well for both parties, and no jobs scheduled for a day get missed due to travel times not being accurate on manual planning. Teamed with an operator tracking tool for customers (like the one on offer within the Squeegee Customer Portal) this can keep customer's in the look about the precise timing of their appointment s they can stay in contact for access where necessary. In today's market, customers increasingly want to be kept in the loop with appropriate communication sent out when they need it, or even better, live access to information like this using GPS tracing and ETA

Increased Scalability

Do you want your business to grow? Save 80% of planning time for scheduling and put that time to better use. With a standardised planning process you can enhance current systems and improve the quality of service as well as allowing your team to grow.

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