Module 21.3 Squeegee SEND Creating and editing a template

Module 21.3 shows businesses how to create and edit templates in Squeegee SEND


12.3: Squeegee SEND Creating and Editing a Template

Once you have created an audience, you are ready to create your first template in SEND to use in a marketing campaign.

When SEND is officially released, there will be a number of pre-made templates that you can use as a starting point, or you will be able to create your own from scratch straight from the blocks.

Even with pre-made templates, you may wish to move blocks around, delete blocks and add new ones as well as changing the font family, font size and colours of fonts and containers.

All of the component blocks need to be added to at least one container block which sets the maximum width, then each can be edited by going to the correct layer in the tree and opening the settings tab to the top right of the page.

The best way of learning how to use SEND to create beautiful campaigns is to trial out all of the component blocks and send out lots of tests to see how they look on different size screens and for email, opening in different email providers and from here, tweaking on your template to make it perfect.

If you're planning on sending out your campaign as an SMS as well as an email, remember to go to the template option to the top right and name the SMS as you wish it to show on the messages alongside the link, and don't forget to hit save!

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