Module 15.4 Automatic payments on the customer finance tab

By the end of this module, you'll be able to charge customers manually using GoCardless and Stripe.


15.4: Automatic payments on customer finance tab

Manual charges on customers If you have a customer who has an automatic payment set who is owing, then you’ll be able to quickly find them in the owing tab, and if you search by ‘gocardless’ or ‘stripe’, you can whittle down the list to find just these customers.

Once you’ve found the customer from this view, the payment dialog opens straight away and you can charge for the outstanding balance by pressing ‘charge’ on the payment form rather than ‘record’ and the automated payment options come up.

Viewing the customer finance tab If you go to the finance tab on the customer you can see the transaction history with payments against invoices.

If you’ve made a payment in error you have a window of time to be able to cancel that transaction (IN GOCARDLESS, NOT STRIPE) just go into the payment and press cancel. You’ll then see an alert come up to show the cancelled and failed payment. If this was a genuine fail due to insufficient funds etc you’d be able to retry the charge here.

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