Module 8.3 Customer settings

By the end of this module, you'll know how to change the customer settings away from the default global settings for individual customers.


8.3: customer settings

Initial balance The existing balance is for existing customers that you're adding to the system for the first time only, setting whether they are balanced (by default) or in credit or debit.

Once you have set this initial amount all transactions are performed by issuing invoices and payments/credit notes etc.

Customer settings There is then a list of settings specific to the customer that you can choose to leave as the default that you've set in the main settings or toggle individually.

Default invoice and additional invoice notes Towards the bottom of the list of settings there's an option to show or hide the default invoice settings and add additional invoice notes that are just for this individual customer.

Work Sign-off and customer state Then the last couple of settings are to require a signature to have the job signed off by the customer before marking as done, and to set the customer state as inactive or prospect.

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