Module 7.12.3 Invoice automation

By the end of this module, you'll be able to set the invoice automation settings as you need to for your business.


7.12.3 - Invoice automation

The next two settings relate to automation of invoices

Disable automatic invoice generation For most jobs we recommend this being left as the default, (the box remaining unchecked) as then the customer goes into ‘owing’ and any automatic payments set up can be triggered.

The times when this should not be enabled are for customers where you would like to have multiple jobs shown on one invoice. Generally this is then set as disabled on the customer or specific jobs rather than this global setting.

Automatic invoice notification If this setting is enabled, it uses the default notification method (email, SMS or both) to send the invoice automatically to the customer on marking the job as done.

The text included in the message along with the link to the invoice can be set in the templates which is explained in modules 13 and 15.

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